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Sunday, September 16

She's Gone, Gone, Gone

See ya later, gators. I’m outta here.

Tuesday, September 4

Good news, Bad news

Good = Lucie found a job.

Bad = We have to move.

Good = We’re moving to Hollywood.

Bad = We’re moving in 2 weeks.

Good = I’m getting my own room.

Bad = The room is in an apartment very far away from Reggie and T and everyone else I’ve gotten to know.

Good = My best bud JA lives there.

Bad = I haven’t heard from my best bud in a long time.

Bad = I won’t know anyone. Again.

Bad = I’ll be the new kid. Again.

Bad = Lucie will be there and there’s every reason to believe she’ll screw this up too.

Bad = We’re moving. Again.

Saturday, September 1

Time Out

I have to take a brief break from being totally frustrated with my sister for losing her job and potentially making us move, to say how much fun she’s being this weekend.

First of all, it’s like five hundred million degrees in RC right now.

And our AC is broken.

(No AC in RC…isn’t that hilarious?)

So Lucie made iced coffee this morning - must have brewed it while I was sleeping because it was perfectly chilled when I got up. Then we had ice cream for breakfast with Cheerios on top. Then we put ice crowns on our head which, if you’ve never had one, is amazing.

Ice Crown Recipe:
1 bandanna
1 freezer

Soak the bandanna in water. Roll it up and form a crown. Lay it on the freezer shelf until it’s frozen. Remove from freezer and place on head. Say “ahhh.”

Repeat until cooled off.

At first the ice crown is so cold you can’t have it directly on your skin which is fine because it sort of sits on your head. Then as it melts, you can press it against your skin and keep yourself cooler. Some people take these and wrap them around their necks which I guess is okay but then it’s not a crown, is it?

After the ice crowns, we went to Best Buy and we hung out and played videogames and then we went to Blockbuster and watched the movie they were showing on the store monitors (“Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure” which totally made me want to go to San Dimas to a water park). This afternoon, we’re going to the movies to see whatever is playing and we’ll probably sneak into a second and possibly a third one. By that time, it will have cooled down a tiny tiny bit and then we can go home and have more iced coffee and gazpacho (chilled tomato soup) for dinner.

And then tomorrow, we’ll probably do the exact same thing.

Lucie can be kind of awesome sometimes when she isn’t screwing things up.

Thursday, August 30

Yes, I know I have 2 Books Left To Read

But is there a point to it? Will I go to class for like, a day or a week and then turn around and go somewhere else?

As far as I can tell, Lucie has not even applied for a job around here, despite her insistence that we’ll be able to stay in this apartment - in RC - so I can finish high school. A long, long time ago, when she was young and nicer to me, she told me that was her goal: to stay in one place long enough for me to get my high school degree. Well, hate to tell ya, Luce, but I still have 3 more years to go.

I want to be supportive. I really do. But I have friends here! And we just painted the place! And I know where all the cool places to hang out are and what the classes and teachers are like and I’ve already spent two years here, finally getting to know people.

And they got to know me. And I think they like me. Liked me. I mean, there was that one girl in algebra who would point at me and whisper to her friends when she saw me, as if I couldn’t tell she was doing that, and then she would call me Mary or Muffy or Mitzy and laugh and laugh like she was making some great joke, but eventually she got tired of it all and gave up and now she sits right next to me in class and sometimes even asks me questions using my real name. I don’t remember who she is but anyway.

It’s just completely unfair that we have to do this again.